Full Setlist for March 2nd Benefit Concert with Audio Links

On March 2nd, Daniel Comer, Robert J. Devillez and I will be performing as Fabulous Decline at a benefit concert for the children of Ashlea Brown-Gwaltney.  Here is the planned setlist, with audio links, for our performance.

Piece of Mind
The Curse of Johnny Cash
If You Loved Me
Bitch & Moan
The Ultramagnetic World of Rollerderby
But Still All Is Not Lost
Mr. Director
What Have I Done?
Those Odds
The Right & Wrong You Do
Flaw In The Design
It Doesn’t Add Up
The Antagonist’s Guide to Getting Along
Wish You Were Here

New Fabulous Decline Recordings

Check out Fabulous Decline to hear what I’ve been working on.  This is going to be a busy year, and I wanted to share a song-by-song account of the recording process, so please feel free to check back often.

This may be my last News post for a while, as I don’t expect to have any relevant information to share until my plans get closer to fruition.

Hope you’re all having a safe and happy 2013.  Wish me luck.

Indpndnt’s Last Three Major Releases, Now On Sale at CDBaby & Bandcamp

As much as any independent recording artist hates to admit it, our sales numbers are pathetic.  We work tirelessly; writing, recording, sculpting our audio until it matches the sounds in our brains.  Unfortunately, the availability of affordable digital audio workstations and audio recording software (from which I, of course, have benefited greatly) has been a double-edged sword.  Because competition is now so fierce, and our listeners ears are so often bombarded by constant, often-amateurish home productions, it’s hard for us to convince anyone that our music is worth a first listen; let alone a purchase.

Originally released in December of 2006, Soultech’s A Drop In The Ocean, continues to be my biggest seller.  These were the days that any artist could set up a MySpace, add a couple thousand friends, and actually form a dedicated base of listeners.  Being an electronic venture, it doesn’t really surprise me that the majority of my income from this record has been from listeners in Europe.  This is the only album that has paid for its own production, sans the countless hours I worked on it.

Fabulous Decline’s eponymous 2009 release fell flat, with a stockpile of unpurchased CDs still stacked in boxes.  Despite my best efforts to promote the album, by this time, an unwilling public had already been exhausted by the MySpace music generation, and no one listened.  I know, because I can read the server logs; no one outside of my closest friends and family even bothered to listen.  This was heartbreaking, as so much time, effort, and creativity went into the album.  I almost considered calling it quits, but I can’t stop doing what I love; whether anyone else enjoys it or not, I write what appeals to me, and my head would explode if I weren’t able to get it out of my brain.

Cid’s Like Flies, it seems, is taking a similar route.  Lots of stock; and with no live performances planned, no real way to garner the interest of new listeners.

As such, I’ve reduced the prices on my last three major releases.  Until the end of 2012, you can purchase each of these albums on CD for only $8 (or an MP3 download for only $5) from our preferred retailer, CDBaby.  Alternatively, you may purchase these albums in a variety of digital formats from Bandcamp for the same, low price of $5.  If you would like to “try before you buy,” you can listen to each of these albums in their entirety on Bandcamp, as well.  Hit the links below, and check them out.  As always, if you like it, please share it with others – there’s no greater promotion than a dedicated listener.

Soultech: A Drop In The Ocean Fabulous Decline LP Cid: Like Flies
A Drop In The Ocean

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Fabulous Decline
Fabulous Decline

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Like Flies

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